If you order a new hosting account, it requires a bit of time for the payment to be processed, the account to be set up and then activated. As sophisticated as the procedure is, a human factor is invariably involved - your transaction may be inspected manually or the account might require some technological time to be set up by a man or a woman. This is usually the case with resellers and it's not uncommon to wait for hours, maybe even for a couple of days. Instead of working on your websites, you spend time waiting around for someone to process the order. Sometimes, businesses even wait for several orders to pile up in their system queue before they process them together, while you are able to do nothing else but wait for them.

Instant Account Activation in Hosting

When you buy a hosting plan from our company, you'll not need to wait because your new account will be activated almost instantly. In a matter of minutes we will set everything up and we will send you the account login information, to enable you to start working on your Internet sites without delay. If you acquire a domain address along with the hosting plan, it's going to be accessible online minutes after your order, so if your Internet site is ready and you currently have the files on your personal computer, you can just upload them. If you select any of our absolutely free script-driven apps to be pre-installed during the hosting account’s creation, it will also be ready to use with no delay and since we are available at all times, you can purchase your new account even during holidays and still have it activated straight away.